We, the Amazons

Queen Evgenia. The spirited queen of Amazons living today as Tzina (who can understand her ancient Greek name?? So, "Tzina" its OK for today). 
Immortal, according to the curse of Amazons. Zeus punished her (and Persa) with a curse to live for ever and fighting for the survival of the breed of Amazons. So don't ask for her age. Assume her about 2500 y.o. 
Tzina , In my comics is the star. Sometimes she is starring in the background and controls all she needed to give her power (money or...or..) in order to use this power for the survival of her breed and her kingdom.
The competent person who judges who will recruited as Amazon and fight by her side (as immortal of course). 
The recruitment of slave males is not acyually her main competence, as she has no any doubt to exterminate anyone of the slaves which will be judged as unfit or useless..
The best, i kept it for the end. Queen Evgenia lives.. So, take care (you have been warned!).

Another dominant woman is Amazon Persa. One of the two ancient amazons (Tzina is the other one) who spirited and living in our era. Her principal role is to recruit as more Amazons is possible and enslave the necessary number of slaves needed.
 A mature and emotional Amazon , second in hierarchy as the queen is Amazon Evgenia (aka Tzina). More soft character than Tzina, but if needed is very easy to be a bitch. 

Here is the diabolic  Klara. Is a fantastic figure and she is acting in many of renders and comics , i made, as a bitch. Oh yes! just a bitch.
Tzina does not trusted (up to now) so much and Klara remains not recruited yet and of course she is mortal!  
The figure: Is a V3 created with Poser 7 and continues same in Poser 10.
The character: Just think exactly the ideal bitch! That's all.
For the story, he started her carrier as a pornostar and when she met Tony - a mafia leader - she married and switched to a real bitch using her sexy look and her diabolic brain to gain as much more money is possible (and impossible). 

during a sadistic training lesson of a slave male,
under the hot sun of Greece on an August noon!

My Amazon Georgia 
Another immortal warrior woman. The third  Amazon in command, behind Persa.
The figure: Same as all other. V3/Poser 7-10. Skinny and milf.
The character: Hmm!.. let say that " I am the centre of the word. Everybody else is arround me like a satelite". 
She has plenty roles in my comics (and renders) i.e. Corrupted police officer, sometimes is exactly the opposite, like the police officer who get the law in her hands and acting out of the law. Other role is a dynamic business woman..etc.

Here is my belovable Wildcat. Figure has been created for the dominant (and good friend) Lady Korina

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